Welcome to the Informatics II Cheatsheet!

What is this?

This cheatsheet aims to help students study the Informatics-II (data structure and algorithm) course at University of Zurich.

How it works?

When the TAs and Tutors are preparing for the exercises, they will put some notes into this collection.

If you met some problems that you think is necessary to be added into this cheatsheet, do not hesitate to propose it in the issues, or create a merge requests. By doing so, you can not only revise and remember the stuff, but also help other students understand it. In this process, TAs and Tutors will revise what you proposed and check if they are correct and if they are needed to be added.


Our warmest thanks to those who contribute to this cheatsheet (alphabet order):

Andrianos Michail, Eric Egli, Qasim Warraich, Qing Chen, Xiaozhe Yao.

Next is you!